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  • -24% OFF

    Men Summer Jersey Alpine Green

  • wulibike-mens-cycling-jersey-Black-Beauty-M10105-1
    -24% OFF

    Men Summer Jersey Black Beauty

  • Wulibike-Men-Summer-Jersey-Geometric-M10109-1
    -24% OFF

    Men Summer Jersey Geometric

  • wulibike mens summer cycling jerseys yellow m10103-model showwulibike mens summer cycling jerseys yellow-front
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    Men Summer Jersey Lemon Chrome

  • wulibike-mens-summer-jersey-polychrome-M10108-1
    -24% OFF

    Men Summer Jersey Polychrome

  • wulibike man's short sleeve cycling jersey iris color M10106-model showwulibike man's short sleeve cycling jersey iris color M10106-front
    -24% OFF

    Men Summer Jersey Rainbow

  • wulibike men's black summer cycling jersey short sleeve M10118-model showwulibike men's summer cycling jersey black M10118-fornt
    -24% OFF

    Men Summer Jersey Stripe Black

  • -27% OFF

    Women Long Sleeve Jersey Neon Blue

  • -27% OFF

    Women Long Sleeve Jersey Neon Green

  • -27% OFF

    Women Long Sleeve Jersey Neon Pink

  • wulibike-long-sleeve-cycling-shirts-for-women-W1042-backwulibike-long-sleeve-cycling-shirts-for-women-W1042-front
    -27% OFF

    Women Long Sleeve Jersey Parrot Green

  • wulibike womens summer cycling jerseys w1030-model showwulibike womens summer cycling jerseys w1030-front
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    Women Summer Cycling Jersey Pink

  • Wulibike-Women-Summer-Jersey-Cool-Blue-W1031-1
    -24% OFF

    Women Summer Jersey Cool Blue

  • wulibike womens summer cycling jersey duo jersey light white/green-model showwulibike womens summer cycling jersey duo jersey light white/green-front
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    Women Summer Jersey Jasmine Green

  • Wulibike-Women-Cycling-Jersey-Parrot-Green-W1036-1
    -24% OFF

    Women Summer Jersey Parrot Green

  • Wulibike-Women-Summer-Jersey-Puffin’s-Bill-W1037-1
    -24% OFF

    Women Summer Jersey Puffin’s Bill

  • wulibike womens cycling jersey summer short sleeve W1034-model showwulibike womens cycling jersey summer short sleeve W1034-front
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    Women Summer Jersey Watercolour Black

  • wulibike-Women-Summer-Jersey-Watercolour-White-W1035-1
    -24% OFF

    Women Summer Jersey Watercolour White

  • wulibike mens bike jersey short sleeve Red Bubbles Rose M10089-model showwulibike-bike-jerseys-men-bubbles-rose-m10089-front
    -24% OFF

    Men Jersey Bubbles Rose

  • wulibike funky men's short sleeve cycling jersey M10083-model showwulibike-cycling-jersey-short-sleeve-men-Sky Stargazingm10083-front
    -24% OFF

    Men Gradient Jersey Sky Stargazing

  • wulibike-men-cycling-jersey-short-sleeve-Cherry-mouth-M10085-front
    -24% OFF

    Men Jersey Cherry Mouth Black

  • wulibike-men-cycling-jersey-short-sleeve-Cherry-mouth-M10086-front
    -24% OFF

    Men Jersey Cherry Mouth White

  • wulibike bike jerseys women bubblesrose w1013-front
    -24% OFF

    Women Jersey Bubbles Rose

  • wulibike-cycling-jersey-sleeve-short-men's-M10082backwulibike-cycling-jersey-sleeve-short-men's-M10082front
    -24% OFF

    Men Zebra Jersey Yellow

  • wulibike-cycling-jersey-short-sleeve-men-Polka-Dot-m10088-front
    -24% OFF

    Cycling Gradient Jersey Polka Dot

  • wulibike mnes bib shorts colorful M2014-backwulibike mnes bib shorts colorful M2014-front

    Cycling Bib Shorts Colorful

  • wulibike mnes bib shorts neon M2015-backwulibike mnes bib shorts neon M2015-front

    Cycling Bib Shorts Neon

  • A picture of a man's red and white short-sleeved top and blue bib shorts cycling suit
    -38% OFF

    Iris Cycling Kits Fuchsia/Blue

  • Iris Short Sleeve Triathlon Suit Black

  • Iris Sleeve Trisuit Abundant Green

  • Iris Tri Suit Women Leopard-print Jazzy

  • Iris Triathlon Suit Stripe Fuchsia/Blue

Men's Jerseys Size

If you are unsure which size to purchase, please follow the below steps:

Chest :
Measure around the fullest part of the bust, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Waist :
Measure around the narrowest point, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Sleeve :
From center back neck, measure across shoulder to slightly curved elbow to wrist.

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