Crash Replacement

Did you buy a Wulibike product and then fall over and damage it in you went out for a ride?

Don’t despair! We are here to serve you.

Take an email containing details and photos of your damaged kit, including your purchase order number, and we will offer you a 40% discount voucher on the replacement kit.

Applicable Conditions:

*Proof of purchase must be provided. Receiving or order confirmation.

*The age of your kit will be taken into account (within 3 months of your purchase). Normal wear and tear are not included.

*Discounts offered can be used to replace damaged items in the same product group. For example, if 1 piece of short sleeve jerseys is damaged, a discount will be offered to purchase 1 piece of short sleeve jerseys.

*The replacement discount only applies to the online store.

*This coupon is only valid for original buyers.