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How to Choose the Right Riding Shoes

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The importance of cycling shoes for self-riding friends is self-evident, and the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, which will directly affect your riding experience. In fact, the most important thing is only three requirements: comfort, functionality and fashion!

First of all, we have to figure out a question: What is the difference between riding shoes and the ordinary shoes you wear every day? Of course, apart from the difference in function, this needless to say, everyone on earth knows. In addition, the biggest difference is the hardness of the sole. Because the driver wants to transmit the force to the pedal through the riding shoes, in order to reduce the loss of force, the hardness of the sole is higher and the efficiency is higher. It is elastic or soft, and the force is absorbed a part, so you will work harder when you step on it. Another obvious difference is the self-locking card board. A large number of tests have shown that the use of self-locking shoes and self-locking pedals greatly improves the efficiency of energy transfer. At the same time, athletes can also correct their posture in this way, better control their muscle coordination, and thus play better results.

Choosing the right cycling shoes should be done in three ways:

Firstly, understand your needs
Are you riding a road or mountain bike? In fact, the key to choosing a shoe is not the type of ride, but the user’s own needs.
Road lock shoes and pedals, set the user to ride only on tarmac or other flat artificial roads, and not very often get off the road, so the design focus is on the size of the pedaling area and the distance from the shaft to the axis.
The mountain bike locks the shoes and the pedals, and other users may need to ride on the off-road road, and occasionally need to run over the obstacles, so in addition to the pedaling efficiency, it is also necessary to consider the mud discharge, that is, the pedal and The shoe floor will not be difficult to get rid of the card because of the invasion of the mud; considering the need of walking, there will be more rubber blocks on the sole, and the sole hardness will be compared with the same brand of the same level road lock shoes. Slightly softer.

Secondly, know your own feet
In addition to the width and width that are often mentioned when buying shoes, the length of the toes is often the part that is easy to ignore when choosing a shoe. About this part can be roughly divided into three types, the first one: the thumb is longer than the other four toes, also known as the Egyptian foot, Asians have a large proportion of this type of foot, suitable for the choice of straight shoes Type; the second: the thumb and the forefinger are flush, also known as the square foot or the Roman foot, suitable for the rounded shoe type; the third: the foot index finger is longer than the other four fingers, also known as the Greek foot, Europe This type of foot is more common in people, and it is suitable for shoes with a pointed head.

Thirdly, observe the height of the instep
It is roughly divided into two types, because this part can usually be adjusted with the elastic of the fixing belt. Unless the remaining length of the strap appears to be reluctant, it may be necessary to find another style with a higher instep height design; if the strap is tightly attached, it still feels that the wrap is insufficient, you may need to consider the lower design of the instep design. . Generally speaking, boys have higher insteps and lower girls.

Reminder: Picking the right riding shoes will bring you a better riding experience.

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