Cycling Bottom Supper Flat Elastic Pad

$ 29.00

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Shop for Our All-Foam Cycling Pad and Enhance Your Cycling Comfort

Our all-foam cycling pad is designed for maximum comfort.

We use high-quality foam material to provide extra softness and elasticity, ensuring it fits snugly against the body without causing any irritation.

Our cycling pad is suitable for all types of cycling, including mountain biking, road biking, and long-distance rides.

It’s perfect for all body types and sizes, and can provide all-day protection.

We have offer men’s and women padding.

Why Choose Our All-Foam Cycling Pad for Your Cycling Needs?

  • Comfort: Cycling pad are made from comfortable material that that help relieve discomfort during long rides.
  • Shock absorption: All-foam cycling pad has excellent shock absorption properties that can reduce vibrations during cycling, protecting the rider's body.
  • Breathability: The material used in our all-foam cycling pad is typically breathable, which helps stay dry and comfortable.
  • Antibacterial properties: Surface antibacterial treatment that prevent the growth of sweat and bacteria, keeping them dry and hygienic.
  • Moisture absorption: Our all-foam cycling pad material can absorb sweat and moisture well, keeping fresh and dry.
  • Adaptability: The foam material in our all-foam cycling pad can adapt to different cycling postures and needs, providing better protection.
  • Durability: The foam material in our all-foam cycling pad is highly durable and can withstand long periods of cycling use.

Our all-foam cycling pad is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for cyclists. Made from soft and durable foam material, our cycling pad features excellent shock absorption, breathability, and moisture absorption properties, ensuring a dry and comfortable ride. Its adaptability allows it to fit different body shapes and cycling needs, while its durability ensures it can withstand long periods of use. Trust Wulibike for the best cycling pad experience. Order now and enjoy your next ride with maximum comfort.

Club Fit looser version of the jersey, loose cut, chest, back, and waist is large, bringing ultimate comfort. The back is designed with extra length to cover the riding position.
Please refer to our size chart before buying. Choose a size based on your chest and waist size.

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If you are unsure which size to purchase, please follow the below steps:

  • Waist :
    Usually this is the narrowest part of your torso and it is often located at or above your belly button. Stand up straight and breathe normally, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
  • Hip :
    Your hip measurements should be taken at where your hips are the widest. Place your feet together and hold a cloth tape measure on one hip and bring the other end around.
  • Inseam :
    Measure from the very top of your inner leg to the top of your knee.

Cycling Bottom Supper Flat Elastic Pad

$ 29.00