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A male cyclist is smiling and turning back


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A male cyclist is smiling and turning back
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*Cycling Cut,Form fit

*DrySport Polyester Wicking Fabric

*Never-Fade Italian Ink

*Full-length zip from SBS Group

*Silicon gripper on the waist


Dear friends,
This year is about to end and we all know how difficult it’s been. 
Once again our bike gave us the strength to move forward and never give up. By riding we can release our thoughts so as to face any situation with renewed optimism. It’s always a beautiful escape, the best way to rediscover our roots, strengthen our relationship with nature and keep our values alive. 
There’s still a long way to go, but we won’t stop designing new collections in bright colors for the seasons to come and we will encourage you to express your passion while also continuing to inspire you with our stories.
That’s why we feel grateful to have again an opportunity to pedal ahead together and keep dreaming.
We’re looking forward to revealing all the amazing news for 2023 and we wish you all a wonderful year on the saddle. 
Remember, no matter where, it will always be worth it.
Thank you for being a true peloton.
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Feel the wind on your face, let the cold kiss your skin and enjoy this amazing path in your life.

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The off-season is prime time to work on form and technique—as even the most accomplished cyclists can reinforce proper pedaling skills. Like a swimmer in a pool, a cyclist should use the warm-up period at the start of their ride to work on drills.

🏋️‍♂️What to do warm ups

After an easy 10-minute spin on the trainer to warm-up, phase two of the warm-up should be some good, old-fashioned pedaling drills. Start off with some high-cadence work, doing 30–60 seconds at 100 rpm, then 110 rpm, 120 rpm, then try 15 seconds at maximum rpm. Repeat this series several times through with an aim of keeping the bouncing to a minimum and working on a smooth yet quick leg turnover. The more efficient you are at higher rpms, the better your pedal stroke will be at your average ride cadence. After the high-cadence drills, it is time for some isolation work.

In cycling, we have one-legged pedaling drills. In this drill, the rider will take one foot off the pedal and rest it behind him on the frame of the trainer. Then in a moderately easy gear, he will pedal with only the other foot. This drill isolates the leg and more importantly that hip flexor responsible for helping pull through the back side of the pedal stroke.

Start with 15–20 seconds on the right leg, then finish out the minute with both feet on the pedals, then do the 15–20 second interval with the other leg. Repeat this process four to six times through, and over time, gradually increase the duration of the isolation drill (20 to 30, 30 to 40 seconds, and so on).

🚴‍♂️Main Ride
With the drill work out of the way, now it is time for the core portion of your ride. Given the time of year, why not try adding some spice to your indoor ride? Do a modest threshold interval or standing hill climb whenever your football team has the ball; throw in a 30 second sprint for every touchdown or turnover; try a large-gear seated climb for the duration of every car chase James Bond gets into. Just use your imagination, and I ensure you will see the time fly by. Plus you'll get a great workout on top of it.🤣🤣

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💙Lube Your Bike Chain the EASY Way – Part 2

*Lube the Chain
Once the chain looks clean, turn the pedals again, applying a line of oil along the links, the aim is to average out at one drop per link. Use a drip-type oil can, and three pedal turns should ensure get the whole chain. Good oils will trickle out at just the right speed when the can is held upside down.

Spin the pedals to give the lube time to settle into the inside of the chain links. Then hold a rag firmly around the chain, then turn the pedals a few times. This will enable wiping off all the visible oil. The goal is to have oil inside the links, not on the surface. Surface oil will attract dirt, causing a buildup of filthy gunk.
If you want to be a bike chain superhero, repeat the wipe off the following day for one or two pedal turns to wipe off any oil that has oozed out of the links overnight.

Bottom Line
This whole chain-cleaning-lubing routine takes just a few minutes and is dead easy. But if you repeat it regularly, your chain and gears should keep rolling smoothly through the rainy season.

Keep your bike chain beautifully clean and lubed, and it will thank you with thousands of miles of smooth rides – without any dropped chains!

*Final Tip
If your bike is brand new – note that new bikes come pre-lubed with superior lube. Don’t clean it off before you have to because the oil you replace it with will not be as good. If cycling in dry, clean conditions, you might be able to go for a few hundred miles without lubing the chain of a brand new bike.

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💙How To Clean Your Bike Chain the EASY Way – Part 1

Regular light maintenance is the key. A much easier way is to ensure your bike chain never gets dirty enough to need a heavy-duty clean. Think of it like brushing your teeth – a routine that takes a few minutes out of your day but is worth it in the long run. If you can’t manage every day, once a week will usually do it. And if lucky, you might get away with it once every two weeks. It also depends on how often you cycle in rainy, muddy conditions.

*Clean the Chain with a Dry Cloth
Hold a cloth firmly around the chain, then turn the pedals a few times, this enables you to easily wipe the chain of most clean. The best possible option is to use a dedicated microfiber cloth, these will not get lint in chain links.

However, if you have a lot of oil and dirt on the chain, you will need to put a good quality degreaser on the cloth. A great degreaser will clean most parts of your bike – and also clean your hands afterward as well.

*Also Clean the Cogs
Also wipe off the round cogs on the rear derailleur, and clean off any visible dirt or grease you can see along the chain or on the derailleurs. If you have a sprocket cleaner, use it to clean between the sprockets.

See the next post for part 2

#cyclingfitness #cyclinglife #cyclingadventure #whyiride #cyclingtraining #cyclingpassion #cyclingtips #wintercycling #cyclinglove
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